The Best Dog Car Seat Cover To Protect Your Vehicle

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I had never thought of buying a dog car seat cover before we got out first dog. Growing up I had two dogs that occasionally rode in the car. They were medium sized and didn’t shed a ton. Fast forward 15 years and my 60 lb dog has mostly white fur and sheds like it’s her job. Not to mention she absolutely loves swimming, running through the woods, and various other things associated with getting dirty.

They were medium sized and didn’t shed a ton. Fast forward 15 years and my 60 lb dog has mostly white fur and sheds like it’s her job. Not to mention she absolutely loves swimming, running through the woods, and various other things associated with getting dirty.

If you own an SUV, the simple answer is to put your dog in the cargo space. Back there, at least, you just have to worry about protecting the floor, and maybe getting some dog nose prints on your windows. But maybe you don’t have an SUV, or maybe you’re on a road trip and have actual cargo in your cargo space. Odds are, Fido is going to end up riding in the back seat.

The only bulletproof way to protect your vehicle from dog hair, dirt and drool in this scenario is with a car seat cover. One of our favorite pet supply brands is Kurgo, and their Wander Car Seat Cover is the best seat cover for dogs we’ve come across yet. Keep reading to learn from our experience and find out why you should get one too.

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Protect your car seats from dog hair

When I say my dog sheds like it’s her job I really mean it. Some dogs you have to brush to see any shedding action. Luck you. Here are some examples of things that make my dog shed: a gentle breeze, walking around, etc. You get the picture.

Because of this, any time my dog gets in one of our cars, there is an instant coating of white dog hair on everything. Dog hair on the seats, dog hair on the back of the seats, dog hair on the rugs. You name it – it’s covered.

One year we decided to take our dog to the beach and had to unexpectedly rent a car instead of using one of our own. Yes, rental companies do not allow pets in their cars but we figured some quick vacuuming would make it look like it never happened. Well, we were right that some vacuuming could help solve the problem, we were definitely wrong about the ‘quick’ part. Car upholstery seems to find ways to weave dog hair through it like magic. To get the dog hair out of the car seats we spent over an hour vacuuming, re-vacuuming, finding more nooks and crannies with dog hair, and vacuuming again. While the car rental company was none the wiser, it was certainly an experience we wanted to avoid in the future.

While we are NOT encouraging being dishonest with rental car companies, if we had a cover to keep our dog off the seat in this scenario, we could have easily installed it. As a result, we would have had much less stress about the dog hair getting all over the car seats. Even better, cleaning up the dog hair out of the car would have been a much quicker and less painful process.

Dirty dog paws on car seats

dirty dogWe enjoy taking our dog on outdoor adventures with us. From the beach to the dog park, to hiking, almost every outdoor activity with your dog comes with the chance of tracking in some dirt and grime. Our dog loves to run and play in creeks, especially on a hot day when she can lay in the water to cool off. The price we pay for this is a muddy dog who is ready to lay on the car seat and sleep the whole way home.

Even if your dog isn’t covered in dirt, over time the wear and tear from dirty dog paws on your car seats is going to accumulate dirt and grime. Getting a dog car seat cover solves all of these problems. The best ones are waterproof, so even if your pup decides to go for a swim, it won’t be a problem. Also, if you’re worried about the car seat cover itself getting dirty over time, just remove it from your car and toss it in your washer to keep things looking and smelling fresh.

Keep dog drool off your car seats

We all obviously love our pets despite the messes they can make. Nothing is grosser than taking your dog for a ride, only to discover they have left behind a puddle of drool. If your car has leather seats all you have to do is wipe it up. However, if your car has cloth seats, you’ll be lucky to be able to wipe it down before any drool has soaked in.

Even though drool is clear, this can leave stains that get more and more visible over time. If you’ve ever dealt with liquid on car seats before, you know that nothing short of a deep clean is going to get those stains out.

With a dog car seat cover, this will never be an issue. If your dog drools in your car, or even worse, throws up, the seat cover will protect your seats. Instead of a long clean-up that will still leave stains behind, you’ll be good to go in a matter of minutes.

Are leather car seats better for dogs? Watch out for claw scratch marks.

One of the ways to make dealing with dog hair in your car a little easier is to get a vehicle with leather seats. A quick vacuum or wipe down on leather car seats will take care of most issues. However, this method has a few drawbacks.

Usually, leather seats are found in cars with a nicer overall package, meaning that you’ve probably paid a premium for having those leather seats. While the temporary grime and dog hair might be easier to take care of, you really have to be careful that your dog’s claws don’t scratch and permanently damage your car’s seats.

To keep your pup from leaving a permanent mark on your car seats, get a car seat cover. Not only can you just toss it in the wash to clean up any messes, it will protect the value of your car by preventing any lasting damage to the leather upholstery.

Keep your car from smelling like a dog

Being able to wash a dog car seat cover is key here. The combination of the factors we have discussed – dog hair, dirt, and drool, are sure to leave their mark in your car in more ways than one. Few things will make you notice dog smells in your car like someone new riding along. It can be embarrassing and just plain gross. There are some great ways to deodorize your car, but the easiest way is to be able to remove and wash the source completely.

Protect your car with the best car seat cover, the Kurgo Wander Seat Cover.

The best dog car seat cover we have encountered is the Kurgo Wander Car Seat cover. We are huge fans of Kurgo and the products they create to make life with your pets even more enjoyable. This washable, waterproof, and all-around practical dog car seat cover has many things going for it that are sure to leave you and your dog extremely satisfied.

The khaki Kurgo Wander

Match your Wander dog car seat cover to your interior

Odds are, if you care enough about your vehicle to invest in a dog car seat cover, you’ll want to make sure it looks good once installed. The Kurgo Wander dog car seat cover comes in black, gray, and at least one shade of tan. This handful of colors are neutral enough to match any car interior.

Alternatively, you could make a choice based on the color of dog you have. In our case, our dog that sheds a lot has white fur, so we would go with a lighter color dog car seat cover to help camouflage the dog hair regardless of the car’s interior color.

Keep the wet dog smell and stains away because the Wander dog car seat cover is washable and waterproof

If you like to take your dogs swimming or get caught in the occasional rain, you need the Kurgo Wander dog seat cover because it is waterproof and stain resistant. This will protect your car seats from water seeping through and leaving stains or smells.

A dog car seat cover wouldn’t be doing its job very well if it was difficult to clean. Instead of spending hours detailing your car, now all you have to do is remove your dog car seat cover and toss it in the wash. How easy is that? Speaking of taking your Wander cover in and out of your vehicle, let’s talk about how easy it is to install.

Easy to INstall dog car seat cover

When I think about installing a dog car seat cover, I could easily imagine it being a difficult process. The Kurgo Wander dog car seat cover makes this process super simple. The cover attaches to the headrests, with bungees that loop around the bottom of the bench to keep it secure.

But what if you need to have people and dogs in your back seat? The nice thing about this dog car seat cover is that it has holes for seatbelts. This allows you to still safely transport passengers and even car seats while still protecting your vehicle from your dog.

Find the best dog car seat cover for your car

The Kurgo Wander car seat cover is ideal for vehicles with bench seats no wider than 55 inches. What if you have a larger vehicle like a truck? What if you need to protect bucket seats in your car? Not to worry – Kurgo has options for all of these scenarios.  All of their dog car seat covers have the same durable features of the Wander bench seat cover, adapted to fit different seats.

The extended Wander dog car seat cover

Get your Kurgo Extended Wander on Amazon

The Kurgo wander dog seat cover is 55 inches wide. For bigger vehicles, Kurgo makes an extended version of the Wander dog car seat cover that fits benches up to 60 inches wide.

The Wander Hammock dog car seat cover

Get your Kurgo Wander Hammock on Amazon

The Kurgo Wander Hammock offers all the same specs as the bench cover, with the added protection of a ‘hammock’ design that also attaches to the front headrests of your car. This added protection will further help contain your dog and all of their hair and dirt.

This model also has the added benefit of creating a barrier between the passenger and driving areas of the car. This will keep your dog in the back of the car where he is supposed to be, preventing him from distracting you or getting into other problems!

Dog car seat cover for bucket seats too

Get the Kurgo Co-Pilot on Amazon

Don’t worry if you need a dog car seat cover for the bucket seats in your car as well! Kurgo offers a couple different options here too. The Kurgo Co-Pilot dog car seat cover protects your full seat, top and bottom.

Get the Kurgo Shorty bucket seat cover on Amazon

If you need something a little more lightweight and low profile, check out the Kurgo Shorty bucket car seat cover. This model just protects the seat, offering protection where it matters most.

How do you protect your car from your dog?

We’d love to hear from you! What are some of the ways you’ve adapted your car to accommodate your dog? Leave a comment here or find us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We’re always looking out for new and fun ways people are living life with pets!

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