The Best Star Wars Dog Costume in the Galaxy

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Do you ever wish your dog could show off your nerdy side with you? Have you ever considered a Star Wars dog costume? With Halloween coming up and Star Wars movies coming out every year, there has never been a better time to get your furry friend joining you as a Jedi, droid, or alien. Sure, your house might start to look like the local branch of the Mos Eisley cantina, but we all know that’s not a bad thing. There are a lot of options out there for dressing your dog in a Star Wars costume so we’ve rounded up the top outfits to get man’s best friend feeling the Force too.

Also – let’s be real. Not every dog can stand wearing a full costume, we get it! A couple of these characters have more minimal options that still let you show off some Star Wars swag without putting your dog in a full get-up, so we’ve made sure to highlight those as well.

At Pet Supply Geek, we have spent way too much time returning costumes that are either too big or too small for our dogs, always make sure to measure and buy a size based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every dog is different so this step is key in making sure you get one of the best Star Wars costumes for your dog!

Ewok dog costume

Let’s be honest, it’s not a huge stretch to imagine one small furry creature (your dog) dressed up as another small furry creature (George Lucas’ murder teddy bears). However, as die-hard Star Wars fans we had mixed feelings and debated a lot about including this Ewok in our Star Wars costume guide.

star wars dog costume ewokIf your memory is a bit fuzzy (no pun intended), these are the adorable terry bear-like creatures that played a big part in taking down the Empire at the conclusion of the original Star Wars trilogy. There has been some backlash as to whether or not these little critters could realistically do that, but in the end, we decided that maybe it can actually improve your Return of the Jedi viewing experience if you imagine your dog helping lay waste to the Imperial forces on Endor.

Oh, and if you weren’t sold on this one yet, we’ve heard this Star Wars dog costume has helped pets win awards. Check it out on Amazon here.

Chewbacca dog costume

star wars dog costume chewbacca wookieeYou can’t talk about the furry creatures of the Star Wars galaxy without bringing up man’s (or should we say Han’s) best friend, Chewie. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk and appears throughout the Star Wars saga. Just like your dog is your best friend, Chewbacca is the lifelong best friend of Han Solo. Through smuggling, joining the Rebel Alliance, and saving Luke Skywalker several times, Chewie is there through it all. Get your dog this costume, hop in your Millennium Falcon (a Honda Civic is an ok substitute) and start cruising around the galaxy looking for adventure.

Start your adventures by clicking here to gear up your best friend.

Princess Leia dog costume or headband

star wars dog costume princess leiaShe’s sassy, known for her hair, and always finds herself in trouble. Are we talking about your dog or Princess Leia? You pick! Star Wars royalty has never looked better than this Princess Leia dog costume for your fur princess. Bring home the classic look from A New Hope and get your dog ready for some swashbuckling star wars dog costume princess leia headbandspace adventures.

We have to be honest though, some dogs hate wearing dresses. Something about being an animal and not needing to wear clothes? Anyway, if your princess is a bit choosy, there’s also a great headband option to still bring the classic PrincessLeia Star Wars hair to your dog.

Check out the full costume or the headband on Amazon and save the galaxy, it’s your only hope!

R2-D2 droid DOG costume

star wars dog costume r2-d2 robot droidAll across the Star Wars galaxy, R2-D2 finds himself on adventures with heroes of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes he gets into trouble, but other times he’s simply a good friend. If your dog reminds you of the little droid that brings smiles to everyone, look no further for the perfect dog Star Wars costume. Similar to the Ewok dog costume, we’ve even heard some reports of dogs winning costume awards for this mechanical masterpiece.

One of R2-D2’s most noticeable features is his dome head that moves around to give him some personality. For this dog costume, the dome pieces is a hat that sits on your dog’s head, helping bring R2-D2 to life in a cute and funny way.

Make your dog a part of every Star Wars story with this costume on Amazon.

Darth Vader Star Wars dog costume

star wars dog costume darth vaderNo list would be complete without a dog costume for the bark…er…dark lord himself, Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader. Considered one of the ultimate villains in film history, Darth Vader is an iconic character that everyone can recognize, even if they’re not the biggest Star Wars fan. Picture this – you dress up as Obi-Wan Kenobi and get this Vader costume for your dog. It would bring a whole new meaning to Darth Vader’s line in A New Hope about how Obi Wan was the master when he last saw him. (Get it, cause you’re the master?)

We recommend making sure your dog practices sitting to show of this number – with all of Darth Vader’s buttons and gadgets on the chest you’ll want to make sure your dog can show off this Star Wars dog outfit in a way that will display your fandom the best.

Get down with the bark side and grab this Darth Vader dog costume here.

Star Wars Bantha and Dewback Creature dog costumes

When it comes to great dog costumes, few things are funnier to us than the outfits that make it look star wars dog costume banthalike little people are riding your dog. The perfect Star Wars dog costumes for this illusion are the Bantha and Dewback costumes.

The Bantha and the Dewback are both large creatures native to the desert planet of Tatooine. The Banthastar wars dog costume dewback is like a woolier wooly mammoth while the Dewback is like some sort of large lizard/dinosaur. Both of these creatures are used for riding and transporting goods, and your dog would look great in a costume as either one!

The Bantha dog costume might be a little bit better for dogs who don’t like feeling constricted, it has a more minimal design consisting of a saddle and headpiece, while the Dewback dog costume has full sleeves to help mimic the reptilian hide of this Star Wars creature.

Both of these are available on Amazon – click here for the Bantha or click here for the Dewback.

Star Wars Jedi Dog Costume

Bring one of the most iconic looks in the Star Wars galaxy to your dog. Sure it might be generic, but it’s hard to go wrong with the classic Jedi costume for your dog. A variation of this costume was first seen in A New Hope being worn by Ben Kenobi and we found out in the prequels that it was garb worn by pretty much every Jedi Knight.

star wars dog costume jedi knightIf recognition is one of your main goals, pick this Star Wars costume for your dog. People far and wide know the Jedi ‘look’, so dressing your dog in these robes are sure to get a request or two for photos. Be careful though, your dog might pick up a few Jedi teachings and start mind-tricking you into more treats and pets. But let’s be honest, he probably deserves them.

Grab this Jedi dog costume on Amazon – no lightsaber included.

BB-8 droid dog costume

star wars dog costume bb8This guide wouldn’t be complete without some love to the newest Star Wars trilogy. What better Star Wars costume for your dog than the cutest droid we’ve seen in the saga yet? BB-8 was an immediate hit when we saw him rolling along in the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and he hasn’t let us down yet!

This BB-8 costume is sure to bring smiles to everyone who sees your dog bobbing along. Thanks to the Star Wars marketing machine and this droid’s distinct coloring and design, this is another highly recognizable Star Wars character you can dress your dog as. As Poe Dameron says, BB-8 is ‘one of a kind’ and we know your dog is too!

Roll on over to Amazon and set off on adventures with BB-8 today!
star wars dog costume yoda

Our Pick – Master Yoda STAR WARS dog costume or headband

Do you ever find your dog staring deep into your eyes as if he or she has something to say to you? If your dog could talk we’re pretty sure they would have some pretty wise stuff to say. This is the reason our favorite Star Wars dog outfit is the Yoda costume. As the oldest and wisest Jedi master with a mysterious past (what planet is he from anyway?), your dog is sure to relate to Yoda on a spiritual level. Even better, take your dog for a walk with this costume on and you can pretend you’re Luke Skywalker training on Dagobah with a crazy little creature as your guide.

From Boston terriers to sixty-pound huskies, dogs of all shapes and sizes can successfully show you the ways of the force. Click here to begin your training with this costume on Amazon.
star wars dog costume yoda ears headband
Just like with the Princess Leia costume – if your dog can’t stand wearing clothes, you can still get a headband to bring Star Wars to your pooch with Yoda’s ears.

May the Force be with you

So there you have it, the best Star Wars dog costumes in the galaxy. From heroes to villains, and everyone in between, Star Wars is full of great characters to dress your dog up as. Whether it’s for Halloween, the next Star Wars movie premiere, or just for fun, now you AND your dog can be ready to show off your nerdy sides whenever the mood strikes.

These sci-fi get-ups are the best way to show off the things you love the most: Star Wars, and your dog. So grab a dog costume, build a lightsaber, and warm up the hyperdrive. The galaxy awaits you and your best friend’s adventures and now you both can look the part.

Have a costume you think should be on the list? Leave a comment or tag us on Instagram or Twitter with @petsupplygeek.

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