Chinchilla Supply List – Everything You Need For Your Pet Chinchilla

We are very fascinated by chinchillas here at Pet Supply Geek. As one of the less-common pet rodents you see, something about these adorable little furballs has captured our attention. Whether it’s their unique habit of taking dust baths, or the fun fact that they have the densest fur of any land mammal, this pet rodent has caught our eye. Check out our list of reviews and recommended chinchilla supplies below!

Note: The recommendations below are meant to be a starting place – always consult your veterinarian for the best option for your specific pet. If something looks wrong or should be added to our list, visit our contact page and let us know!


Chinchilla cage

Your chinchilla needs the right cage to maximize its comfort and overall happiness. Read our review here to find out why the Ferret Nation cage is the best chinchilla cage for your pet chinchilla.
Ferret Nation Two Story Cage

Chinchilla dust

To maintain proper hygiene and overall health, it is VERY important that your chinchilla is provided the right kind of material to take their dust baths. Read our review to find out more about why we chose Oxbow Blue Cloud as our recommended chinchilla dust.
Oxbow Blue Cloud Dust

Chinchilla bath house

To keep your chinchilla from making a mess while taking a dust bath, consider getting them a chinchilla bathhouse. Read more about it here and see if it's a good fit for you.kaytee chinchilla bath house
Kaytee Chinchilla Bath House

Chinchilla food pellets

Food pellets are the core part of your chinchila's diet. You need to make sure the pellets you choose have ingredients that are the best quality for your chinchilla. Read our guide to chinchilla food here and get the best food for your chinchilla.oxbow chinchilla food pellets
Oxbow Chinchilla Food Pellets

Chinchilla hay

Along with food pellets, hay is a very important part of your chinchilla's diet. Not just any hay will do! The best hay for your chinchilla has high fiber and is good for their teeth. Find out more here.kaytee timothy hay for chinchillas
Kaytee Timothy Hay for Chinchillas

Chinchilla food dishes

A sturdy, ceramic food dish will help keep your chinchilla from spiller their food all over their cage. Read more about chinchilla eating habits here.chinchilla spill proof food dish
Ceramic food dish

Chinchilla water bottle

Your chinchilla needs a constant supply of water to stay hydrated and healthy. You'll want to make sure to get a water bottle that provides this constant access without dripping into the cage. Read why we picked this water bottle drip chinchilla water bottle
Choco Nose No Drip Water Bottle